What is your cancellation policy?
You may cancel your reservation at any time. If you cancel more than 30 days before your stay, we will refund your deposit, less a processing fee to cover our merchant processing charges.
If you cancel less than 30 days before your stay, we will retain the reservation fee but may reserve the right to return it in our discretion.

What are your payment options?
We accept personal checks, Visa, Discover and MasterCard.
A $500 deposit is required at the time of reservation, with the balance
due 30 days prior to your arrival.

How do we proceed with a reservation?
If you are interested in renting, the best way to contact us is by telephone (727-363-0577). That way we can confirm the dates, answer any other questions you might have, and take credit card information more securely. We do not like to take credit card information over the internet.
If you would prefer, you can email us and request that we contact you by telephone at a specific time.
Once you have furnished the deposit, we will email you a Reservation Confirmation agreement for your records.