What is included in the rental rate?
Our rental rate includes all utilities, 100 channel cable TV and WiFi service. The WiFi service is not dependable, depends on the weather, how you hold your jaw, your equipment and Murphy's Law. Normally we do not charge a cleaning fee for stays of one week or more (see below).

What damage might cause you to keep the Security Deposit?
Our home is a Non-Smoking home so if we find any indication that smoking occurred in the house, the entire Security Deposit will be forfeited. Also any indication that pets were brought into the house will  forfeit the Security Deposit.

The Security Deposit is required to cover any damage to our furniture, walls, carpet or items furnished for your use, over and above normal wear and tear. For example, if someone breaks a Bar Stool, the cost of replacing it would be deducted from your Deposit. A broken glass, on the other hand wouldn't incur such a deduction. If the house is left in an extremely messy state, and it takes us more than four hours to clean it, then we will charge you a $100 cleaning fee. When we only have a five-hour turn around time between guests, if it takes us longer to clean up your mess, it inconveniences the next visitors.
In over thirteen years, we have only withheld a Security Deposit one time. It's also why we do not rent to parties under the age of 25.

We hope that you appreciate the quality and cleanliness of our accommodations and will treat them with respect.