How close is the beach?
Our house is approximately 200 yards from the edge of the ocean. It takes us about 2 minutes to have our feet in the surf.
Gulf Boulevard is between us and the beach. You can either cross it directly, or walk down a short side road and go under the John's Pass Bridge to get to the beach.

Is the ocean OK to swim in?
The beach on Treasure Island has been designated a Blue Water Beach, which means that it is an ecologically sound beach. The shore slopes very gently out to sea. You would have to go out into the water about 100 feet to have the water come up higher than an adult's chest. The ocean bottom is soft, white sand, very easy on the feet. There aren't clumps of coral or rocks to stub your toes on either.

The water temperature of the Gulf stays swimmably warm year-round.
Here is a link to show the Average Water Temps each month.

Do you have a pool?
No, we do not have a pool. We just go swim in the ocean! We have a rinsing spigot outside to rinse off sandy feet before we come inside.